Queensland Religious Places

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This website documents religious buildings in Queensland from the 1840s to 2020. The aim is to record buildings of all faiths erected for worship or as a sacred space. The intention is to record all buildings - existing, closed, demolished or used for other purposes. The data includes location, name/s, address, status, date of construction, other date (demolished, closed), keywords including building materials and style. The intention is to provide an image with each building.

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Search the database with more than 5100 records. 3500 entries include an image.

Altas of Religious Places

Maps of religious places in Queensland according to denomination/faith and regions, era of construction, regional areas.


Explanation of how this website developed and the types of data recorded.


Statistical analysis of the database including buildings by denomination/faith and construction by decade.


Discussion of how the database can inform a new understanding of religion in Queensland.

Image Gallery

Gallery of images according to themes: grand churches, small churches, modern churches, timber churches, etc